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“Since connecting with Emily, I’ve attracted two new clients for my premium 12 week yoga program, that grossed over $5K! I feel confident in my ability to talk about my services, quote my prices and attract clients who value my services. Very few entrepreneurs are as transparent as Emily on the realities of the inner work that’s involved in living life on your own terms. I’m so grateful to learn and grow with Emily’s support".” - Jasmine



“My experience being coached by Emily exceeded my expectations! The results were SO positive and successful-- I'm now making more money, commuting less, and enjoying more time to myself. I had hesitations about working with her as I did not know her very well beyond her social media presence and being about twice her age I was concerned that we would feel the age gap. Emily's younger age and strong handle on social media use turned out to be assets to our coaching relationship. She helped me get clarity around how to increase my income by focusing on private clients. She helped me to see and own my value as a yoga teacher. ” Sharon



“I am a very self-motivated, organized person so I didn't think I needed any help to set up my private yoga business. I was totally surprised at how meaningful and important Emily Sussell's Abundant Yogi Mentoring and Mastermind group has been to me. Emily's guidance and guidelines have helped me so much. I've booked four new clients since I started participating. Emily helped me to be aware of any ways I might be selling myself short or limiting my thinking. As well, sharing this moment in my development with the twelve other people in the group and hearing about their experiences is generating much positive, supportive energy—so much better than going it alone”. - Laura Teusink - Featured in Forbes!



“I can't say enough great things about Emily and her retreat. Emily is super knowledgeable and real. She deeply listens. She took the time to understand me and my business, provide razor-sharp coaching and the tools - business and spiritual - to turn it into a reality. The group that came together for the weekend was full of smart, supportive, world-changing women and was just incredible to be apart of. Emily really knows her stuff, and shares openly and generously. This is one of the best workshops I've been to in a very long time. Emily is a top notch coach. I'm so excited to be walking away with not just the knowledge and inspiration to rock this yoga business but some amazing new friends as well.” - Megan



“It's been two weeks since Emily’s retreat and I've already picked up two new private clients. This program was brilliantly put together. It was an amazing experience full of vulnerability, connection, support, and community. Emily is a wonderful and compassionate leader. I think she had a great balance of leading and also allowing for discussion to be had. I walked away confident that I can charge the rates I want to for private yoga. I left knowing that I’m a talented teacher, and that my success with my business is really all about mindset!” -Ellie



“When I heard about Emily’s program I felt excited and intrigued by the idea of both spiritual AND material abundance being possible as a private yoga teacher. I was interested, but concerned about the cost as I had recently left a steady paying teaching job to pursue my passions of yoga and art. I started the program with one client and now have six clients. I feel the value FAR outweighed the money invested. By the end of the program, I had not only made the money back in clients, but had profited from the investment. The program is the best investment I have made since I took the "leap" into diving full-time into living a more SOULFUL and JOYFUL life.” - Renee