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Why Hiring A Coach Is Like Going To Yoga

I chatted with Phoebe Schiff, west coast yoga teacher, coach, and founder of Kula Marketing. We talk about applying yogic principles to creating marketing that actually works to bring clients and money into your life and why business coaching is so valuable to yoga teachers.

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Emily Sussell
Is The Abundant Yogi Retreat Right For Me?

“I traveled from the UK to New York to participate in Emily’s private yoga biz retreat, and it was worth every penny. I expected it would be great and that I would learn a lot about how to grow a private yoga business. My expectations were not only met. It went way beyond it. Emily coached us through limiting mindsets, assumptions, and past experiences which have prevented me from growing my business. I feel transformed and extremely motivated to grow my business. I have increased my price, and before the retreat finished I received a new inquiry. I truly feel the sky is the limit. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is serious about growing a private yoga business.” - Danielle, Brighton, UK

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