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emily sussell


I specialize in teaching private yoga lessons in my client’s homes in New York City through my own business, Private Yoga Brooklyn, and I mentor and coach yoga teachers globally through my business of yoga institute, Abundant Yogi Coaching.

About Emily

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Emily Sussell, ms.ed, yoga teacher, coach

Hi, I’m Emily, The Abundant Yogi Coach!

I’m an experienced private yoga teacher, an accomplished entrepreneur, and one of the world’s only business of yoga coaches.  

After successfully building Private Yoga Brooklyn, my in-home private yoga service in New York City, I began mentoring and coaching yoga teachers globally.

I help broke, burnt out yoga teachers transform into successful and financially abundant yoga entrepreneurs.

Through marketing education and deep inner transformation work, the yoga teachers that work with me fill their schedules with private clients, triple their incomes, and align with the abundant lifestyle they know is meant for them.


abundant yogi coaching

You deserve to feel financially nourished by the great work you do in the world.

Yes, it absolutely is possible to be a yoga teacher AND make a great living, too.

Our coaching programs help yoga teachers:

  • evolve your mindset about money and what’s possible

  • develop the skills of a powerful entrepreneur

  • break free of employment mentality and become successfully self employed

  • learn marketing skills for finding and retaining clients

  • build a profitable and scalable yoga business